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Feature rich from the ground up
Modular System Choose the modules that are right for your organizational needs now. As your company's needs change, gatewayiQ can grow with you. The modular system makes integration easy, whether you're introducing a communications system for the first time or replacing an existing one.
100% Customizable Content To make sure that you get the most out of your communication experience you are able to modify 100% of the content you distribute to your members. Load corporate presentations, work instructions, video content and more, with the easy administration interface.
Secure We provide a robust set of features to ensure data security from the ground up. We understand the security concerns of organizations and have taken every step to meet web security standards and procedures.
Easy Administration gatewayiQ is built with not only members in mind but also the organization, and how they would be administrating the system going forward. With the easy to use administration system your organization will be able to easily update content, communicate and be continuously engaged with your members.
Built in "Journey" & Milestone Tracking Continuous reminders and "touches" are a necessity for any online engagement tool, this is why gatewayiQ developed a unique "Journey" tool to follow members as they progress. Your organization probably already has set expectations for members as they progress in their careers. The "Journey" takes all these possible progressions, and automatically pushes members to content relevant to their stage of development.
Powerful Reporting Tools gatewayiQ provides detailed reporting on the systems usage, usage of features and allows for demographic analysis of your members, based on variables unique to your organization. Reports are customizable for surveys, usage, quiz results, demographics, geography and a huge number of other variables.
Scalable Architecture gatewayiQ is capable of growing with your organization without large increases to the cost of operations. Features are automated so typical issues can be resolved by the members, reducing administration time.
Meets Compliance Standards To stay ahead of increasing compliance standards around educating members about benefits, savings plans, safety procedures, standard work instructions and more, organizations need to provide information and resources using the format employee want and regularly use. With gatewayiQ you are providing your members with a resource they can access 24 hours, to be engaged and learn when it's most convenient for them.

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