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A communication solution that works!
Why did we create gatewayiQ? Because connecting with your people builds trust, and trust leads to productivity. gatewayiQ helps organizations take the leap into the web-based world using an innovative system that facilitates an easy, flexible, and secure connection with your people... Anywhere.
Training Orientation Benefits Financial Safety Performance
"With continuous lifetime engagement users never lose touch with core competencies and professional development."
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Your one stop source It's your one stop source for providing interactive online solutions for dialoguing with your people through feedback, surveys, and reporting, communicating corporate information, and implementing programs such as training, development, and on-boarding. The modular system that grows with you With gatewayiQ's modular design, your organization can make gatewayiQ your total online user resource, or simply make it a great complement to your existing communication strategy.
Maximize productivity, manage costs and improve competitiveness Today's organizations are looking for ways to maximize their productivity, manage costs and improve their competitiveness. Our next-generation communication systems combine multiple communications capabilities onto a single platform. This reduces your equipment footprint, simplifies management and enables a deeper integration into your existing human resource systems.
Custom fit for any organization gatewayiQ can be tailored to fit the needs of any organization. It can satisfy 100% of your organization's content distribution and communications needs or be used to enhance and improve your existing communication plan. From training and safety to on-boarding and performance, gatewayiQ will simplify and streamline.
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